Android Auto App Downloader is convenient to use .It  is the only app which allows us to install third party applications in car screens .It has both versions free as well as paid version. It does not require  connection of mobile through wire. This app is supported by android having 9.0 and above. AAAD provide option to install latest version of  third party app.

android auto app downloader

Android Auto App Downloader has two variants paid and free variant

This variant allows users to install unlimited apps in android auto and allows users to install as many apps as they want according to their need and without ads and time restriction. The price of pro version is 3.5 euros. You have to buy only one time and then you get pro version license for lifetime. in order to buy pro version you just have to click on [GO PRO] option as in below image ,then you will have to pay 3.5 euros and you will get license of paid variant.

This version allows users to install only one app in 30 days it has one more problem not all apps work smoothly in free version . But for testing you can use this free version, and there is an issue with free version that sometime one of the app may not work. in order to use free version you just have to click on [I’M GOOD] option and start using free version.

To enjoy the features of Android Auto App download it now for free by just clicking the below button.

Android Auto App Downloader is smart driving companion that allows its users to access different apps on your car’s screen and it have user friendly interface due to which anyone can use this app easily. This app is specifically created for android but it only runs in mobile having version 9.0 and above. Old versions are also available on theaaadapk you can download its old versions to use this app on mobiles having below 9.0. It is used by more than 10M people all around the world

In order to install Android auto app downloader in your mobile phone follow the following steps

  • Open google chrome
  • open sitetheaaadapk
  • click download button from site and download app in your phone
  • now open aaad app and grant all necessary permisions
  • Now download app which you want

After installing aaad app in your mobile you will see interface of mobile like this

app interface
  • Open aaad apk click the app you wanna install
  • Now select latest version of app
  • Wait till app is installed in your phone
  • Now connect your android with your car screen
  • You will see that app icon in your android auto’s menu
  • Open then app enjoy

There are many apps in Android Auto App Downloader as in below photo

aaad apk

Now we will discuss some of the apps breifly

When you open AAAD APK you will see car stream on top. This app allows its user to watch YouTube on car screen without touching and unlocking mobile phone. By using this app you can make playlist of your favorite songs without phone. The market contain a vast variety of mobile phones the car stream app understand this so it provide many of the ways of connectivity so hat users can enjoy all the car streaming option on any of the device. For more details visit [theaaadapk].


By using Fermata auto you can view movies, pictures and easy access to internet browser. Fermata auto is a free and open source of video and audio player . It also have a tv broadcast where you can search and watch any tv channel for free. the main feature of fermata auto is that it has user friendly interface and we can also customize its interface. you can also change the language of app by customizing the app’s setting. for further queries about fermata auto visit[theaaadapk].

android auto app downloader

Android Auto App Downloader provides a feature of AA mirror/AA mirror plus . This feature is used to mirror your phone on your car screen .After installing this your car’s display id converted into a mobile phone ,you can almost use all apps of your phone easily on your car screen without touching your mobile phone. The main thing about aa mirror is that it is compatible with a variety of car models. It is also customizable so that drivers can create driving environment according to their taste. You will see aa mirror plus app icon on your car display as in below photo. in order to download this app visit[theaaadapk]

aa mirror plus

This app help the drivers to check their car’s performance like fuel utilization per km ,speed of car ,braking system of car, engine Revolutions Per Minute [RPM] and also overall engine performance. one of the most useful feature of this app is that it gives the tires pressure on car’s screen so due to this drivers can anytime and anywhere check the tires pressure without approaching any shop. For more details visit[aaad]

perfomance monitor

AA Passenger allows the passenger of the car to control the functionalities of car’s display .By using this passenger’s can play their favorite music and videos and also share the location of their destination on car’s screen to make the driving easy for the driver’s. For more details visit theaaadapk

Android Auto App Downloader app is user friendly. Anyone can use it any time very easily .It does not require any type of servers and the main thing is that it provides a free version to its users so that they can test this app and buy its paid version later if needed.

AAAD is an ads free app. You can enjoy all its apps without being interrupted by ads. This feature of aaad attracts its user over other related apps.

Whenever you install any third party app there’s a risk of data privacy but with aaad there’s no such issue. AAAD is safe and secure app. This app has almost 100,000 users because of this feature.

  • It is user friendly app and anyone can use it
  • It does not require any server
  • It uses less mobile phone battery
  • By using pro version of aaad app you can download unlimited apps in you android auto without any time restrictions
  • It installs third party apps safely, there is no risk of data privacy from it
  • It’s free version only allow one app in one month
  • It cost 3.5 euros to get pro version
  • It didn’t work on all types of phones
  • Sometime the apps installed from it may not work then you must have to download the app again
  • It does not have any type of support officials .To find solution of any query visit theaaadapk

Android Auto App downloader is the only app which allows its user to install third party apps on the car’s screen and enjoy apps like Youtube and other social media apps on your car’s screen .By using this app you can check your car functionalities like car performance, fuel average ,fluid levels etc. It’s very cheap i.e only 3.5 euros are required to buy its premium version and then you can use this app lifetime .It’s license is transferable you can transfer your license from one mobile to other.

NO,AAAD is not available on play store but it is available on [theaaadapk]

Yes it’s totally safe. This app is used by  almost 546k users.

No it didn’t require a server connection it works without server

Yes, this app require an internet connection to work

Compatibility varies depending on your vehicle’s system and Android Auto version. its important to check vehicle compatibility before downloading this app.

You just have to transfer license  by using the option of “TRANSFER LICENSE” after it you will be able to use this app on your new device.

The paid version is permanent. You have to pay one time only and then you got lifetime paid version.